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PES's Tax CPE courses keep you updated and on top of the latest developments and changes related to taxes as well as provide specialized knowledge in areas that may be of interest to you, and helpful for your clients. Popular courses in this category include "Settling Tax Debt with the IRS," "Individual Income Tax" with various supplements, and "Tax Implications of Federal Health Care Reform". With our multi-hour discount you can also save 5-20% on your CPE order from PES! Buy 40-59 hours and save 5% off the entire order, 60-79 hours save 10%, 80-119 hours save 15%, and orders over 120 hours save 20%! Browse our selection of taxation CPE courses. Unless otherwise noted in the specific course description, no advanced preparation is required in order to register or complete any PES CPE course. For a more detailed description on any of our Tax CPE courses or to add the course to your shopping cart, click on the course title below.

Popular Course Top Seller Hot Topic
Course # Title Formats Hrs Price
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7180/QAS7180 NEW! Kiddie Tax Rules hardcopypdf 2 $24.50
5115/QAS5115 TopSeller Car, Travel & Entertainment and Home Office Deductions hardcopypdfonline 10 $74.50
5155/QAS5155 TopSeller Choice of Entity hardcopypdfonline 16 $99.50
5165/QAS5165 Residential Rental Property hardcopypdfonline 10 $74.50
5175/QAS5175 TopSeller Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) hardcopypdfonline 8 $64.50
5180/QAS5180 Corporate and Partnership Income Taxation hardcopypdfonline 12 $84.50
5185/QAS5185 Estate and Trust Income Taxation hardcopypdfonline 12 $84.50
5225/QAS5225 Taxation of Pension and Annuity Income hardcopypdfonline 8 $64.50
5300/QAS5300v13 TopSeller Individual Income Tax (Update for 2013 Tax Returns) hardcopypdfonline 24 $124.50
5323/QAS5323 TopSeller Individual Income Tax (Update for 2013 Tax Returns) with 2014 U.S. Master Tax Guide hardcopypdfonline 24 $159.50
5322/QAS5322 TopSeller Individual Income Tax (Update for 2013 Tax Returns) with 2014 RIA Federal Tax Handbook hardcopypdfonline 24 $159.50
5550/QAS5550 Today's Cafeteria Plan hardcopypdfonline 10 $99.50
5610/QAS5610 Divorce and Taxes hardcopypdfonline 12 $84.50
5630/QAS5630 Real Estate Tax Issues hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
5635/QAS5635 Taxation of Retirement Planning Products hardcopypdfonline 4 $34.50
5680/QAS5680 Medical and Health Savings Plans hardcopypdfonline 4 $34.50
5705/QAS5705 TopSeller Roth IRAs hardcopypdfonline 4 $34.50
5810/QAS5810 Partnership General Tax Information hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
5835/QAS5835 Introduction to Tax-Exempt Organizations hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
5875/QAS5875 Tax Exempt Status of Your Organization hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
5880/QAS5880 TopSeller Tax-Exempt Organizations: Issues and Return Preparation hardcopypdfonline 24 $119.50
6025/QAS6025 Dividends, Corporate Distributions, and Other Income Taxation hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
6030/QAS6030 Charitable Contributions and Miscellaneous Deductions hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
6070/QAS6070 Taxation of Owners' Distributions hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
6075/QAS6075 Termination/Dissolution of Business Entities hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
6200/QAS6200 Corporate General Tax Information hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
6285/QAS6285 Children and Dependents - Divorce Tax Issues hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
6500/QAS6500 TopSeller Tax Information for Churches, Religious Organizations, and Ministers hardcopypdfonline 6 $59.50
6575/QAS6575 Tax Breaks for Education Expenses hardcopypdfonline 6 $59.50
6580/QAS6580 Taxation of Like-Kind Exchanges and Other Sales hardcopypdf 10 $74.50
6585/QAS6585 Small Business Tax Issues hardcopypdfonline 14 $94.50
6735/QAS6735 TopSeller Financial Implications of Federal Health Care Reform hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
6770/QAS6770 American Taxpayer Relief Act hardcopypdfonline 4 $34.50
6790/QAS6790 TopSeller Tax Implications of Federal Health Care Reform hardcopypdf 6 $59.50
6800/QAS6800 TopSeller An Overview of Offers in Compromise hardcopypdf 4 $34.50
6810/QAS6810 Settling Tax Debt with the IRS
Unfortunately, this course has been discontinued. However, we have an exciting, new course #7175/QAS7175: Tax Debt Relief and the IRS available for you to consider!
hardcopypdf 14 $99.50
6855/QAS6855 TopSeller Fundamentals of Estate Planning hardcopypdfonline 16 $104.50
6860/QAS6860 TopSeller Introduction to Limited Liability Companies hardcopypdfonline 8 $64.50
6870/QAS6870 TopSeller Tax Considerations in Financial Planning hardcopypdfonline 20 $119.50
6890/QAS6890 Tax Implications of Death hardcopypdfonline 4 $34.50
7085/QAS7085 Tax Issues of Investment Income and Expenses hardcopypdf 3 $34.50
7095/QAS7095 Alternative Minimum Tax hardcopypdfonline 4 $39.50
7175/QAS7175 TopSeller Tax Debt Relief and the IRS hardcopypdf 8 $64.50
7180/QAS7180 NEW! Kiddie Tax Rules hardcopypdf 2 $24.50
Formats Available: hardcopy = Hard Copy pdf = PDF online = Online
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