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Business and Industry CPE Courses

The Business and Industry CPE courses offered by PES give you valuable information to help you better advise your clients or manage your own company. Popular courses in this section include "Rethinking Risk", "The Great Financial Collapse: How and Why" and "Avoiding M&A Pitfalls". And with our multi-hour discount you can save 5-20% on your CPE order from PES! Buy 40-59 hours and save 5% off the entire order, 60-79 hours save 10%, 80-119 hours save 15%, and orders over 120 hours save 20%! Browse our selection of continuing education courses for Business and Industry. Unless otherwise noted in the specific course description, no advanced preparation is required in order to register or complete any PES CPE course. For a more detailed description on any of our Business & Industry CPE courses or to add the course to your shopping cart, click on the course title below.

PLEASE NOTE: Business & Industry CPE courses are not accepted for Enrolled Agents. For more information see the Enrolled Agents Information page.

Popular Course Top Seller Hot Topic
Course # Title Formats Hrs Price
  New Courses      
7105/QAS7105 NEW! The New Corporate Facts of Life hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
6995/QAS6995 NEW! Financial Modeling and Valuation hardcopypdfonline 12 $89.50
5690/QAS5690 FASB Review for Industry hardcopypdfonline 16 $139.50
6275/QAS6275 TopSeller The Madoff Ponzi Scheme and the SEC hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
6315/QAS6315 Reforming the Financial Markets: From Main Street to Wall Street hardcopypdfonline 4 $34.50
6340/QAS6340 Just Listen hardcopypdfonline 10 $74.50
6370/QAS6370 How the Best Leaders Lead hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
6420/QAS6420 6 Secrets to Startup Success hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
6465/QAS6465 Managing the Pitfalls of the Housing Market hardcopypdfonline 4 $34.50
6525/QAS6525 TopSeller Rethinking Risk: How Companies Sabotage Themselves and What They Must Do Differently hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
6530/QAS6530 TopSeller The Power of Presence hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
6535/QAS6535 Lessons from Top Financial Advisors hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
6555/QAS6555 Conflict 101: A Manager's Guide to Resolving Problems hardcopypdfonline 12 $84.50
6595/QAS6595 The Winning Factor hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
6695/QAS6695 Talent Leadership hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
6700/QAS6700 TopSeller 7 Reasons Employees Leave hardcopypdfonline 12 $84.50
6740/QAS6740 No More Pointless Meetings hardcopypdfonline 6 $59.50
6745/QAS6745 The First Time Manager hardcopypdfonline 12 $84.50
6750/QAS6750 The Power of Social Media hardcopypdfonline 12 $89.50
6755/QAS6755 TopSeller Raising Capital hardcopypdfonline 16 $99.50
6760/QAS6760 TopSeller How China's Rise Will Change Business Forever hardcopypdfonline 12 $89.50
6765/QAS6765 Delivering Stellar Presentations hardcopypdfonline 12 $84.50
6785/QAS6785 Elements of Influence hardcopypdfonline 12 $84.50
6795/QAS6795 TopSeller The Managerial Leadership Bible hardcopypdfonline 15 $94.50
6805/QAS6805 Performance Execution hardcopypdfonline 5 $44.50
6815/QAS6815 TopSeller The Essential CFO hardcopypdfonline 15 $99.50
6835/QAS6835 TopSeller The Economy in Today's World hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
6875/QAS6875 TopSeller Good Governance for Nonprofits hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
6880/QAS6880 TopSeller Managing Financial Risk hardcopypdfonline 14 $94.50
6895/QAS6895 Marketing and ROI hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
6905/QAS6905 Creative Approaches to Business hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
6940/QAS6940 TopSeller Avoiding M&A Pitfalls hardcopypdfonline 15 $99.50
6945/QAS6945 Great Business Building hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
6950/QAS6950 How to Communicate in the Workplace hardcopypdfonline 10 $74.50
6960/QAS6960 Investment Mathematics hardcopypdf 24 $149.50
6995/QAS6995 NEW! Financial Modeling and Valuation hardcopypdfonline 12 $89.50
7065/QAS7065 TopSeller Employment Law for Managers hardcopypdfonline 20 $119.50
7075/QAS7075 Valuation hardcopypdfonline 2 $24.50
7080/QAS7080 TopSeller The Great Financial Collapse: How and Why hardcopypdfonline 16 $109.50
7105/QAS7105 NEW! The New Corporate Facts of Life hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
* = See course description for CPE hour breakdown.
Formats Available: hardcopy = Hard Copy pdf = PDF online = Online
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