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Don't pass up these hot new PES courses and top sellers. PES continually develops quality courses that address the issues and topics that you need to perform your job and help advise your clients. Take a look at these new additions to the PES course selections. For a more detailed course description on PES' Hot New Courses and Top Sellers or to add the course to your shopping cart, click on the course title below.

Popular Course Top Seller Hot Topic
Course # Title Formats Hrs Price
7155/QAS7155 NEW! Auditing the Risk Management Process hardcopypdf 10 $84.50
7165/QAS7165 NEW! Guide to CFO Success hardcopypdf 10 $79.50
7185/QAS7185 NEW! Crowdfunding: Raising Capital on the Internet hardcopypdf 12 $84.50
7190/QAS7190 NEW! Estate and Trust Administration PRE-ORDER this new course today! hardcopypdf 20 $119.50
7195/QAS7195 NEW! Advanced Excel Reporting PRE-ORDER this new course today! hardcopypdf 14 $99.50
7160/QAS7160 NEW! Risk-Based Audit Planning hardcopypdf 10 $84.50
7145/QAS7145 NEW! IT Audit and Application Controls hardcopypdf 15 $99.50
7135/QAS7135 NEW! Financial Fraud Prevention and Detection hardcopypdf 15 $104.50
7140/QAS7140 NEW! COSO Internal Controls hardcopypdf 18 $119.50
7150/QAS7150 NEW! Fraud Analytics hardcopypdf 6 $54.50
7170/QAS7170 NEW! Detecting Fraud in Financial Statements hardcopypdfonline 4 $44.50
7130/QAS7130 NEW! Analysis of Financial Statements hardcopypdfonline 12 $94.50
6935/QAS6935 NEW! Financial Independence hardcopypdf 15 $94.50
7125/QAS7125 NEW! Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting hardcopypdf 15 $99.50
7100/QAS7100 NEW! Fiduciary Responsibilities hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
7120/QAS7120 NEW! Winning CFOs hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
7105/QAS7105 NEW! The New Corporate Facts of Life hardcopypdfonline 10 $79.50
7025/QAS7025 NEW! Detecting Fraud in Organizations hardcopypdf 16 $109.50
7030/QAS7030 NEW! Countering Fraud for Competitive Advantage hardcopypdfonline 8 $64.50
6930/QAS6930 NEW! Global Corporate Treasury hardcopypdf 20 $119.50
6990/QAS6990 NEW! Project Management Accounting hardcopypdfonline 8 $69.50
6970/QAS6970 TopSeller Real Estate Accounting hardcopypdfonline 6 $59.50
7015/QAS7015 TopSeller Office 2013 Standard Programs: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint hardcopypdf 24 $119.50
7035/QAS7035 TopSeller QuickBooks 2014 hardcopypdfonline 24 $109.50
7000/QAS7000 TopSeller Excel 2013 Basics: Worksheets, Formulas, and Functions hardcopypdfonline 20 $109.50
5300/QAS5300v13 TopSeller Individual Income Tax (Update for 2013 Tax Returns) hardcopypdfonline 24 $124.50
5323/QAS5323 TopSeller Individual Income Tax (Update for 2013 Tax Returns) with 2014 U.S. Master Tax Guide hardcopypdfonline 24 $159.50
5322/QAS5322 TopSeller Individual Income Tax (Update for 2013 Tax Returns) with 2014 RIA Federal Tax Handbook hardcopypdfonline 24 $159.50
7080/QAS7080 NEW! The Great Financial Collapse: How and Why hardcopypdfonline 16 $109.50
6900/QAS6900 NEW! The Business of Venture Capital hardcopypdfonline 20 $119.50
6730/QAS6730 NEW! Forensic Analytics hardcopypdfonline 22 $159.50
6755/QAS6755 NEW! Raising Capital hardcopypdfonline 16 $99.50
6840/QAS6840 NEW! Executive Roadmap to Fraud Prevention and Internal Control hardcopypdfonline 16 $109.50
6855/QAS6855 NEW! Fundamentals of Estate Planning hardcopypdfonline 16 $104.50
6820/QAS6820 NEW! Financial Statement Analysis hardcopypdfonline 16 $109.50
6815/QAS6815 TopSeller The Essential CFO hardcopypdfonline 15 $99.50
6720/QAS6720 TopSeller The Professional's Guide to Fair Value hardcopypdfonline 10 $84.50
6825/QAS6825 TopSeller The Ultimate Financial Plan hardcopypdfonline 12 $84.50
7175/QAS7175 TopSeller Tax Debt Relief and the IRS hardcopypdf 8 $64.50
6725/QAS6725 TopSeller IFRS and US GAAP hardcopypdfonline 12 $94.50
6790/QAS6790 TopSeller Tax Implications of Federal Health Care Reform hardcopypdfonline 6 $59.50
6760/QAS6760 TopSeller How China's Rise Will Change Business Forever hardcopypdfonline 12 $89.50
6795/QAS6795 TopSeller The Managerial Leadership Bible hardcopypdfonline 15 $94.50
6550/QAS6550 TopSeller Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent From Within hardcopypdfonline 20 $124.50
Formats Available: hardcopy = Hard Copy pdf = PDF online = Online
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